August 2 / In The News

Fair Is Not Equal

Recent tax measures target entrepreneurs

The Liberals recent Federal Tax initiatives target those that create opportunity and drive innovation in this country. There needs to be incentive for entrepreneurs who risk their capital and who are the back bone of our economy. The tax rates established for the various levels of corporate income were meant to provide that incentive to take risks and to invest.

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July 11 / Wealth Management

Wealth Planning under the Trump Presidency

The Tax Apprentice: Wealth Planning under the Trump Presidency

Now that Donald Trump is in power and firmly asserting his constitutional rights as President, the likelihood of U.S. tax reform is higher than anytime since 1986.  The Republicans have their eyes set on repealing Obamacare and its maligned offspring, the 3.8% surtax on investment income, as well as possibly eliminating U.S. estate tax entirely.  These potential changes have been met with approval by American resident voters, but the changes fall short in benefiting Americans living in Canada and, in particular, those who have a non-American spouse (“mixed marriage”).  In this article, we will review the more pervasive U.S. tax rules that stymie well-intended Canadian tax policy and dismantle otherwise effective wealth accumulation tax planning strategies.

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June 26 / In The News

Inside Halton: Oakville’s Henderson at the top of her game – entrepreneurship

June 26 / Making A Difference

2016 Toy Tea

June 26 / Wealth Management

Choosing the Right Executor for Your Will

February 20 / Accountants & Advisors, Chartered Professional

A Trump Presidency: Exit… Stage North

When it became clear that Donald Trump would win the United States presidency on U.S. election night, it was reported that Canada’s immigration website crashed. Disgruntled Americans reacted by deciding moving to Canada for political, tax or other reasons was more appealing than enduring a Trump presidency. Although moving to Canada to escape the Trump administration seems like an easy fix, escaping the Internal Revenue Service is another matter altogether. There remains a misconception that one’s U.S. tax filing obligations stop after departing from U.S. soil. There is an expectation and acceptance that U.S. tax reform is imminent with the possibility of reduced U.S. tax rates, but unless President Trump disbands the IRS, the U.S. focus on chasing Americans’ unreported offshore assets will not stop. The purpose of this article is to highlight the U.S. tax filing obligations of American citizens and review options available to those who are behind in their U.S. tax filings.

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