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December 20 / Accountants & Advisors

We Have New Team Members!

Henderson Partners is excited to announce that we have 5 new team members for you to meet!

As with any business, you can expect changes in staff. We are very pleased for our staff who have moved on to other positions and wish them all the very best!

We’re very excited to welcome the staff who will fill those positions and would like to introduce:


Welcome to the team:

Cathy, Amanpal, Rakhshandra, Lauren and Ping!

December 20 / Making A Difference

Henderson Partners Gets Their Shuffle On!

Henderson Partners was excited to participate in the Oakville Salvation Army Santa Shuffle earlier this month.

It was a lovely day for families, dedicated runners and lots of Santa’s who came together for a great cause. This merry event helps The Salvation Army to assist families and individuals in need during the Christmas season and throughout the year. Christie and Feng got their runners on, brought out the kids and jingled all the way to the finish line!

What could be better than getting some fitness in AND helping members of our community all year?

Interested in learning how you can get your Santa on next year?



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